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HQO Reporting tool/product
 Ontario Health TeamAcute Care/HospitalHome CareLong Term CarePrimary CareCommunity Care Access CentreOtherCommunity Support ServicesEducationFamily HomeLHIN Head OfficeHealth LinkPharmacyRegional Geriatric Program
Ontario Health Teams: Accountability
Ontario Health Teams: Performance
Ontario Health Teams: Quality213
Public reporting5821172932421
Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)31141120
On-Line Public Reporting86
Audit/Feedback (practice reports)3
Personalized/Custom Reports (includes Practice Reports)101230
Quality improvement (QIP and QIRAP)
Public Reports (annual report, bulletins and theme reports)53212
Primary Care Performance Measurement (PCPM) Framework
Quality Improvement Reporting and Analysis Platform (QI RAP)
Not reported by HQO